David Duchovny revealed first to friendly, unjudgy People Magazine yesterday that he’s a sex addict and is going to rehab for it. This on the heels of rumours that have been swirling for months, even years, that he is a chronic philanderer.

What makes the situation surprising then is that his admission was so candid and specific. Sex addiction. Not exactly the MiniVan’s favourite two words.

Then again, he’s on cable, and his show Californication is about some dude who can’t get enough ass. Sex addiction might not be a terrible career move.

Either that or it’s a preemptive move.

What truth is out there?

Is the National Enquirer breaking open yet another tale of infidelity and secretlovechildness?

Motivation is everything in Hollywood. No one does anything because “it’s the right thing to do”. They do it because it’s the “right thing to do for my career”.

Which means this is only the beginning.


And even tastier?

Well…web whispers are getting louder. And while loud doesn’t necessarily mean legitimate, given the circumstances, tossing in a pinch of BBT into the recipe just adds to the flavour.

It’s a long-winded, circumstantial rationale, completely withOUT foundation at this point, but intriguing nonetheless. As I always say, gossip is a buffet. My choice is to say it’s bullsh*t. Your choice is up to you.

Was Tea suffering alone, or was she consoling herself with Billy Bob Thornton?

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As for who this situation really hurts besides their children – pretty sure the producers of Ghost Town aren’t too happy with this development either. Tea is lovely in the movie due out mid September though I can’t imagine her interviews are going to focus much on the film now that her husband is seeking treatment for over indulging.