While Aaron Sorkin and The Social Network cast has been touring Europe on press for the film, David Fincher has moved on to his next priority, a project with even more expectation and anticipation than the last. Fincher of course is in Sweden directing the Hollywood version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

He was spotted on set with Daniel Craig this weekend giving direction as they shoot what I’m assuming to be the early scene in the book when “Kalle Blomkvist” leaves the courthouse after he is sentenced. Jesus he looks great in a suit.

On the heels of Sarah’s article yesterday – click here for a refresher – on the MPAA rating system, I’m wondering now how exactly they’ll treat Lisbeth’s past and her revenge in this version of the film. They were rather explicit with it in the original, and that was especially satisfying, seeing Lisbeth carry out her own brand of justice... which, obviously, is totally unsuitable for children.

And yet...

Maybe those f-ckers would consider that cussing is probably so much worse.

If they water it down though, well, the huge risk is alienating the fans of the books. Fincher isn’t usually a pussy about these matters, and neither is Scott Rudin and both will battle when and if they have to. No reason to doubt that so far.

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