Dear Gossips,

What’s your answer to the question: Who is Tom Cruise’s best friend?

Probably David Miscavige, right? David Miscavige’s father, Ron, is coming out with a book called Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me. It’s due in May. And father and son do not have a good relationship. Ron quit the Church in 2012. So now he’s, presumably, telling all of his son’s secrets. But let’s be real – we’re not interested in David’s secrets, are we? We are interested in his best friend’s secrets.

But David hasn’t always been Tom’s BFF. Tom’s turned 54 this year. When he was 24 years old, his best friend was Emilio Estevez and also Sean Penn but they weren’t hanging out that much anymore because Sean got married to Madonna. And when he was 24 years old he was telling all of this to Cameron Crowe for Interview Magazine. Go back and read that article with 30 years of hindsight. It’s FASCINATING. So much of it is. Including the part where he talks about watching the rushes every day. You hear all the time how actors can’t bear to see their own performances. Tom Cruise, evidently, has never had that problem. Is it vanity? Or just a lot of self-confidence?


Yours in gossip,