Emmanuelle Riva has made it a 3-way. It’s officially a 3-way race for Best Actress Oscar. As I’ve mentioned a few times already -- click here and here and here to review -- a few experts had been predicting an Emmanuel Riva “steal” for weeks as they were unconvinced that the Academy felt that strongly about either Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain.

But when Riva’s name was called yesterday at the BAFTAs, it wasn’t Lawrence who was most disappointed.

Check it out here starting at 2:30.

David O Russell’s face is KILLING ME.

That’s why he’s a director and not an actor.

That’s not the guy who’s been campaigning all season, claiming to be calmer and gentler, talking mental health advocacy in Joe Biden’s office. That’s the guy who George Clooney put in a headlock. That’s the guy who lost it on Lily Tomlin. That’s the guy we all want to see at the Oscars.

Here’s Lawrence in Dior again last night on the carpet. I want to pull up her dress. But can we PLEASE give her more love for NOT wearing Marchesa? (OMG please don’t wear Marchesa at the Oscars.)  And here’s O Russell with his award for Best Adapted Screenplay.