So there’s a new fragrance – Intimately Yours by David and Victoria Beckham. And this is the ad that comes along with it.

I guess you have to believe that it could happen because they’re married. That they really would go for it in a lift, like Victoria is capable of spontaneity. I suppose. But she’s just so goddamn unnatural about it all, non? He on the other hand, surprisingly, is quite good. And his hair, and his expression, I can’t... I can’t look at it too long, I can’t talk about it too much. Too much. He is too f-cking much. Especially at the end. When he rubs his thumb across his lips. Please. It’s good, right? It’s believable.

Unlike his wife who, from the moment she wobble-walks into the elevator, behaves as though she’s rehearsed it for 2 years. Posh’s porn try is killing the mood.

Here she is tottering around New York yesterday in green, because she’s a bonafide member of the fashion community now, ready to present her dress collection this weekend.

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