The Beckhams arrived this weekend. And, in signature Posh fashion, her entrances were loud, dramatic, and (in her mind) very, very fashionable. They went out for dinner, hosted by Italian celebrities, she showed off her bones making everyone else feel fat, they rocked matching haircuts (exactly, right?), they attended David’s press conference, and contrary to reports last week, Becks was indeed interviewed by the beautiful Ilaria D'Amico who apparently flirted with him constantly during their sit-down as Becks dutifully mentioned his wife as often as he was told to.

Like, please.

This video is hilarious. Is this the way Italians set up their shoots??? It’s like soft core porn!!! The first thing she says, Beckham, the way she pronounces his name… I felt horny for him. And you know he’d be hittin’ that if his wife hadn’t accompanied him.

Clips are below although if you watch the beginning of the first and skim through the rest, you’ll get the general idea. The close-ups are ridiculous. And later on Ilaria seemed particularly…coy…when mentioning that Victoria would be staying home in LA with the kids during her husband’s 3 month stint with AC Milan.

As for Victoria, she hit up her local designer gays Dolce & Gabbana for an impromptu photo shoot and some shopping. Those two fashion famewhores look like they’re about to soil themselves from the attention and excitement.

Becks and Ilaria Part 1

Becks and Ilaria Part 2

Becks and Ilaria Part 3

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