Big night last night as many stars capitalised on the photo opp and showed up for Victoria and David’s joint birthday party. Most notable of course… Tom and Katie. Which means the BFFs have made up. Obviously Tom Cruise has come to terms with Posh’s thin-fluence on his wife. 

Also in attendance – the other Kate in Victoria’s life, Kate Beckinsale, along with Elton John, Usher (random), Eva Longoria tagged along too, and Gwen and Gavin Rossdale. Now THAT is quite the coup. As you know, the Rossdales roll with the Pitts. Needless to say, Posh has bagged herself quite the new A List friend. Wonder if she’ll be using Gwen to get to Angelina, though something tells me Angelina wouldn’t give her the time of day. And Posh probably couldn’t stand it that Angie’s skinnier than her anyway…without trying so hard.

Love that she brought out the concrete tits for the occasion. And look at her, pushing out her neck trying to avoid the double chin… as if that would ever be a problem. But oh how she’s straining herself. Seriously. All those muscles and veins stretched to their limits. She is the opposite of effortless, non? Can you imagine living like that? 

Compare and contrast to how she was on Saturday – she and David watching their kids ice skating. Much less severe, much more “candid”, a much needed dose of Beckham Porn. 

Sunday however was much different. Before the party, while Victoria was practising how to pose, Becks took his boys to the Laker game. And despite that abomination of facial hair (shave that sh*t baby!), don’t try and tell me it doesn’t make you quiver the way Romeo is climbing all over his da. Oh Romeo. He’s my favourite. 

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