David Beckham has been in South Africa supporting the English side through the World Cup. Can’t wait for the game against Germany on Sunday. Victoria Beckham is with their children in England. They’ve been apart for weeks.

So UK gossips, always the bastion of reliability, decided to monger up a rumour of an imminent announcement of a split.

Some dude posted it on Twitter. And then everyone believed it. And then the same dude said it wasn’t true, and then the Beckham PR team, because they feel the need to kill every internet fallacy that strays from the brand, issued a statement that the Beckhams are intact. Click here to see.

Can you imagine if the Brange did that every time?

From what I hear, Posh and Becks are ok. As ok as they ever are. Which means that being his wife is integral to her image. She wouldn’t make it on her own. So while their sh-t isn’t perfect, a separation is also a very, very last and unlikely option.


Those cheating allegations, they never go away. And especially the British, they are relentless in trying to dig up any hint of infidelity on his part. It’s like they want it as badly as they do a World Cup title. There have indeed been new rumours, no substantiation whatsoever, not even close to slamdunk, typical of UK buzz that is almost always never proven, but it illustrates that many believe he cannot be faithful. And that another scandal is certainly forthcoming.

File photo from Wenn.com