That’s how some people refer to Victoria Beckham. They’re mostly under 18. And they don’t give a sh-t that she used to be a Spice and is now a fashion designer. She’s the mom of someone they know. And moms are good for holding your phone while you pose with a supermodel. Which is what Posh did last night for Brooklyn as he stood next to Cara Delevingne. And then posted it on Instagram:



So nice to see cara @caradelevingne

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Brooklyn really grew in well to fame, non?

All of them, actually. Check out the full Beckham pride sitting front row at the Burberry London presentation in LA last night. With Anna Wintour, as usual. She and H7 must be getting used to this, side by side at fashion shows. As you can see, all the Beckham children are well-behaved and not-bored. But especially Brooklyn. He has his phone out, he’s leaning forward, he’s on full alert.


He’s a teen!

And you remember that article I linked to about teens yesterday? Teens and fingerbanging? Click here for a refresher on my thoughts and here for the full piece. As the writer notes, “Whenever a teen enters a new space they think: Could I fingerbang someone here?”

That’s what’s happening in David and Victoria’s life right now. And it’ll keep happening for the next 15 years as, one after the other, their children will go through adolescence with their “weaponised teen crotches”. And they’ll use their birthdays to amass more Instagram followers. So, yeah, it’s totally OK for Becks to embarrass his kids whenever possible.



Reached 1 million followers on my mums birthday. Thank u guys so much #ismydadcoolerthanme

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