Remember when Posh and Becks posed on thrones at their wedding?

I thought about this when I saw them arriving at the Royal Wedding. What Victoria must have thought of the understated elegance at Westminster Abbey. And the pomp and the privilege and all of it that money can’t buy. Which is perhaps why David was wearing his OBE on the wrong side.

Come on now. Admit it. That’s pretty funny.

In fairness to her though, she did look pretty happy. She did smile several times. And David, he was positively overjoyed. And why not? Better that attitude, at having been invited to the Wedding of the Century, than playing off like they were too cool for it. And amazingly she only seemed slightly annoyed at being pregnant for the occasion. Now and again the camera would find her and a cloud would cross her face, as if she’d just remembered that she couldn’t boast of being skinnier than Princess Kate herself.

For the most part though, again, the Beckhams were delighted. And … the bump! LaLa! While Posh may not be as proud of it as she is of the fact that she can still fit into size 2 pants, Becks apparently loves to show it off.

Anyway, here are several photos of Victoria and David Beckham, including shots of them talking to Guy Ritchie and a lady called Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe which, if that’s not an eyerolly name…

Photos from and WPA Pool/Jasper Juinen/