Twi-Hards have been emailing and messaging me on Twitter lately to encourage people to vote for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. I feel badly for all the non-Twilight nominees in any voted category. Because you know the Twi-Hards. Those losers have nothing better to do than to pound that clicker over and over and over again. Click here to see the Best Kiss nominees.

No, I didn’t waste my time seeing Valentine’s Day but even still, I have a hard time believing Taylor and Taylor, for obvious reasons, really brought the heat between their lips. Laura and I were just reminiscing the other day about good kissing and sex in movies and we had to pull out the YouTube and get on Atonement all over again.

Now THAT was a hot kiss. It was a hot everything. And it had to be. Because for the rest of their short lives, Cecilia and Robbie lived inside those two minutes, the greatest two minutes of their existence, and the only two minutes worth surviving for. Or trying to survive for.

See? That’s the sh-t you remember.

But this is MTV, not exactly an institution that celebrates the cerebral. Having said that, it’s not like there weren’t any proper kiss candidates among the multitude of brainless chick-lit offerings. Like Dear John. Hated Dear John. Dumbest movie ever. But there was a good kiss. A textbook Nicholas Sparks kiss but it’s a formula that works. In the rain, of course, and he’s the one who initiates, of course, and he loved her more and was always more faithful, of course (does Nicholas Sparks secretly hate women? Discuss), but I was sold on the way he dips his head, and then the pick-up, sit down, and straddle. There’s some coordination involved here. And they did it well. They used the actors’ physical attributes to choreograph a kiss – Channing Tatum is so big and tall, he lifted her so easily and she folded into his body so naturally, and this adds to the texture of the scene too. Now there’s a well planned, well executed kiss that easily beats the sh-t out of two amateur teenagers on a field.

This is Channing Tatum out and about in New York the other day.

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