Back in 2004 when she was still cute and not yet anorexic or a junkie but well on her way, Michael Phelps was asked about a celebrity crush.

He answered Lindsay Lohan.

These days, his celebrity crush is Cameron Diaz.

Unfortunately, Lilo won’t let him go.

Lilo was texting Billy Bush (???) the other day during Access Hollywood’s interview with Michael’s mom Debbie Phelps. Lilo wanted Billy to relay a message to Michael:

“Tell him he’s f8cking amazing, and I want to meet him.”

Best part is Billy decided to show this to Debbie who looked about as repulsed as a mother can get and spontaneously and hilariously vocalised her repulsion too:

"OK, Lindsay!!! -- Delete! Delete! Delete!"

In other words – get your low classy, child star drama away from my son.

Oh no she didn’t.

Oh yes she did.

Debbie Phelps, just named Mother of the Olympics, has publicly proclaimed that Dina Lohan’s daughter is not good enough for her Olympian. And Dina Lohan, Long Island Mother of the Year and Parent Pimp extraordinaire will no doubt have an answer. A swift one. Likely through one of the tabloids.

Dina vs Debbie in a cage match. Who do you take?

Source OMG