I won’t lie - if this had broken in January, in the heat of award season, this story would get a smutty tingle and not its own dedicated post. The subjects of this report know this too. I guess that’s the point.

Late last week, Debra Messing announced that she and husband Daniel Zelman had separated earlier in the year. Yesterday Us Weekly broke the news that Debra has been dating Will Chase, her co-star on the upcoming Smash, for about 6 weeks. Chase has a wife. His rep tells PEOPLE that they’re divorcing too. Coincidence or conspiracy? Please. Not even PEOPLE is pretending that this is more innocent than it looks.


Maybe they don’t want to.

There’s a lot riding on Smash at NBC. Steven Spielberg and Marc Shaiman are among the executive producers, Anjelica Huston is coming to television, and it’ll be one of the top panels at the TCA Winter Press Tour the first week of January. Nothing like a scandal between two stars to generate early buzz for a new show.

Here’s where I’m a little confused: Will Chase’s name isn’t even on the show’s official site cast list. It’s not a short list. And still he doesn’t make it.  Click here to see. I’ve attached a screencap juuuuust in case they decide to fix it. What are we dealing with here? What is SHE dealing with here? Am I bitch for wondering if he’ll get more lines now that he’s the headliner’s boyfriend? His last wife only lasted 2 years. Something stanks about this man. And it stanks the way they started. This...will not end well.