December 1, 2015 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 1, 2015 14:34:01 December 1, 2015 14:34:01

Today is World AIDS Day. There are currently almost 37million people in the world living with HIV. Over 2.5million of those are children. And last year alone, there were 2 million new infections. Many of those living with HIV/AIDS are impoverished and disenfranchised. Even though HIV/AIDS treatment has advanced quickly over the last 15 years, in Canada alone, it’s estimated that 25% of those with HIV don’t know. Diagnosis is critical. Complacency is not acceptable. Click here to learn more about World AIDS Day and how you can help end the epidemic. It’s possible, you know. The United Nations believes it’s possible to achieve this goal by 2030. In 15 years, we can end this motherf-cker.

And for Sarah from Mackenzie – Happy Birthday! By request, FNL and Gilmore Girls. I’m wearing my Riggins 33 hoodie just for you today.

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