December 18, 2008 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 18, 2008 06:47:20 December 18, 2008 06:47:20

Happy 34th Birthday Rebekah! Yes… I did dream of being taller. Even 5 ft 5 would have been good. Sorry about your cold but am sure the boyfriend will more than make up for it when he’s home. Tuck in and get cosy! Watch Love Actually!

To Sarah J – thanks for taking my gossip from law school to Fergus, congratulations on your move and on your partnership (!). Jenny must miss you…she sounds like a lovely friend.

Congratulations Katy on completing your PhD! While maintaining a job and a family…? Seriously, dude, you make us look bad. And Merry Christmas on your birthday!

And finally…

The Humane Society of Durham … there was a fire, most of the animals did not make it. They’ve no building now. Click here for more information. If you can help, please do…

If Marcus cared about anyone other than himself, he would want you to.

Here he is mid-bark yesterday with his bestie Kona (Kona is a boy) enjoying the rare Vancouver snow during their afternoon ball chase. M is yelling at his dad to throw it again! throw it again! throw it again! … you can’t imagine how annoying this is.

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