Dear Gossips,

A few years ago I was in New York for a junket and met up with some people from Degrassi: The Next Generation. Five minutes goes by and the cast is mobbed by a crowd that just kept growing in Central Park. It’s one of my favourite stories to tell. Degrassi is a pretty big deal everywhere around the world (Lin-Manuel Miranda is a fangirl) but for some reason (maybe because we’re so self-loathing) grossly underappreciated here at home in Canada. Degrassi alumni continue to work and develop in Canada, supporting the Canadian creative industry, and keeping their talents in the place and space where it was first discovered.

My friend Paula Brancati is one of those artists. Her film, People Hold On, is available digitally today in Canada and the United States. This is the first film out of her production company; she co-wrote it with her producing partner Michael Seater and it features rising Canadian talent. In addition to all that, Paula is currently touring with Matilda the Musical and also stars in the Toronto production of Matilda beginning July 5 at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. Right. Did I mention she sings and composes her own music? Paula Brancati is a hustler. And she’s one of Canada’s most promising young content creators.

People Hold On is now available on iTunes and for more information click here.

Yours in gossip,