Degrassi Takes Manhattan

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Many of you wrote following Duana’s article on Lauryn Hill a couple of weeks ago to ask what her “proper writing job” is.

Answer: Duana is a member of the Degrassi writing team. She is currently working on the new season – the 10th! – and she was one of 4 writers who scripted the new Degrassi movie Degrassi Takes Manhattan which premieres on MuchMusic in Canada on Friday July 16th and on TeenNick in the US on Monday July 19th.

There are many cameo appearances featured in Degrassi Takes Manhattan including the loopy Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance, Jay Manuel from Top Model, and MTV’s Jessi Cruickshank who really, really pops in her role and with whom I share a very brief girl sh-t scene. Yes, I got a cameo too. And yes you bitches, I know about my assy acting. What I don’t know about is why I’m doing it with flared nostrils. But I did love my dress: vintage Betsy Johnson.

The sneak peek is below. I’m also attaching the trailer for the new season. Look out for FIONA. She’s making a case for becoming one of the all-time Degrassi greats. Also have a read at the comments below from the kids who’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting...

The school is on LOCKDOWN and they’re losing themselves over the drama. The angst, even on YouTube, even on a message board, it’s amazing.



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