The story broke yesterday – E! reported that Demi Lovato, 18, and Ryan Phillippe, 36, have been hooking up. Us Weekly followed with corroborating sources, despite denials from both Lovato and Phillippe. Of course. How else would they respond?

Gossip, as I always say, is a buffet. You choose what you believe. Why do I believe? In this case it’s because Demi Lovato is right in Ryan’s age range. As I noted when he started dating Amanda Seyfried, he mines from the young 20s set. Women closer to 30 have outgrown his particular...charms. Given that he appears to be dipping into the teens now, maybe even the young 20s are becoming wise to his, um, moves.

Apparently, according to both E! and Us Weekly, Demi and Ryan weren’t serious. Translation: they were just f-cking. She didn’t know that he had a paternity situation happening with Alexis Knapp and that took her by surprise. Whatever they had though, however brief, is now over. Not because of the baby, but because, again, it was strictly bed business. With an 18 year old child star girl who’s just come out of rehab. You couldn’t find a slightly older waitress-wanna-be-actress for that, dickhead?

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