F&ck Ashton Kutcher is hot. When he’s not a total Gary he is some serious loin quivering ridiculous sexy. Have you seen the trailer for What Happens in Vegas? Click here to view https://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/whathappensinvegas/trailerb/ - Ashton is beautiful. Cameron is not. The worst makeup and skin job, like, ever.

Seriously, they made her look like complete ass. Not sweet.

Ashton on the other hand… well suffice to say, Demi Moore is doing her 40s proud. Damn.

Here they are leaving the CAA party last night after living it up at Hollywood Domino on Thursday, just the first two of what promises to be a weekend long bender for the couple culminating at Demi’s party with Madonna after the Oscars on Sunday.

Photos from Wenn.com