Gwen and Gavin in black and fuelling the baby bump obsession. Why do people lose their sh*t these days over baby bumps??? More intriguing is the Gwen/Madge connection. As you can see, Gwen and Gavin brought their brand to the Malawi event last night, though there have long been rumours that her Madgesty does not appreciate that Gwen is essentially the new Her.
Now that it’s quite evident that the two can co-exist, already there is talk of collaboration. And if true, it would be killer. Pray Xenu can make it happen.

Also – Demi and Ashton out to offer some Kab support. Demi and Madonna, in addition to sharing the same religion, must also share the same plastic surgeon. She is the hotness. And together, she and Ashton are the cutest.

Am told inside the party they were super newlyweddish affectionate – he was trying to feed her cake, she was like no no no, he was like come on baby just eat it, and they burst into giggles. I totally believe.

And back to baby bumps really quickly – you’ll recall last year Demi was wearing a trenchcoat and immediately proclaimed pregnant. Come to think of it, she was pregnant 3 or 4 times in 2007. Almost as many times as Nicole Kidman before she actually conceived.

BumpWatch is about as reliable as Life & Style Magazine.

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