In the pages of the new issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands January 9th, she’s photographed by Mario Testino and the cover is nothing compared to the spread inside. Two shots in particular, both in black and white – in one she’s wearing a gorgeous black dress with a gaping hole between her breasts and a leather belt cinched around her waist, holding a tea cup, an almost surprised expression on her face, almost caught in mid-sentence…you wouldn’t think she was a day over 28. Same goes for the other image – signature Testino playfulness, she’s bent over facing the camera in what looks like a bathroom, bare on top, breasts covered by her arms and her hair, taking off a gold pair of metal sheet leggings… Demi Moore is breathtaking. And the article’s not bad either. More layers of perfection on top of her surprisingly authentic relationship with Ashton Kutcher. Call me Cruise but I am a believer. She says they’re the first to recognise what people must think of the age difference, the fact that in his mid 20s, a strapping, horny player at the top of his game, marrying someone 15 years his senior was not unjustly met with skepticism. She also says that Ashton really is an “old soul”, that what they have is based on the strongest and most honest of friendships, and that they absolutely do intend to have more children though how that takes shape is not discussed in detail. Nor is the “body work” issue which, of course, is the most interesting part. Not so much for what is revealed but for what isn’t. As you would expect in these types of articles, the subject is raised, it’s skirted without a definite yes or no, a deflection by way of compliment is thrown out, and then the topic is promptly changed in favour of Kabbalah. However, Demi does admit she was much too obsessed in the 90s, perhaps even a little self destructive, brutalising her body to a level of fitness that was not only difficult to maintain but that, as she puts it, didn’t bring much fulfillment. “Being thin does not equate to happiness” – the Oprah lesson she’s trying to impart on her three girls as the dreaded word “liposuction” gets printed but not addressed during the interview. Instead, Mario Testino pipes up about Demi’s incomparable, ageless beauty, calling her “the whole package” with perfect features, even down to “ankles and wrists”. How much do you love Hollywood Hypocrisy? And still…when you see the images, it’s really hard to argue. After all, Demi Moore is 44. Repeat. Demi Moore is 44. Sure, she’s probably had a sh-tload of work. Sure, she’ll probably have a sh-tload more. But to me it’s an even playing field. They ALL have access, they ALL cut corners, and amazingly some, like Nicole Kidman, five years younger, just can’t seem to get it right. Demi on the other hand is getting it ALL right. I’ve seen her in person, I’m telling you – she’s as freshfaced in the flesh as she is in photos. Not pulled or preserved or pruned or plastic. Believe me…I was looking. There is nothing there but the best work ever. And at the end of the day, doesn’t smart, subtle surgery count for something? Are you listening Mrs Beckham?