Between these two. And while Emmy Rossum is a Why Is if there ever was a Why Is, Demi was an It at the beginning and continues to be now, if for no other reason than her seemingly eternal beauty. I spoke to Demi briefly at TIFF. I have seen this up close. There are wrinkles. And it moves. And lines around the mouth, and for a minute I actually doubted if she’s ever had any work done. Then I came to my senses in admiration. She and her surgeon are strategic, realistic, and very, very, smart. The result is, seriously, one of the best looking women of any age I have ever seen. Those triceps!

So this photo makes me laugh.

Because Rossum is just so irrelevant.

Here they are, Demi and Ashton, at the GQ Gentleman’s Ball in New York last night.

Time for a new installment of Would You Rather Rossum.

Remember, Would You Rather Rossum is the game of Sh-t vs Diarrhea. It’s meant to be a struggle.


Would You Rather:

Be friends with Emmy Rossum’s sickening sugar Rossum?


Be photographed standing in line for 10 hours with Twi-Hards wearing Bella Swan themed clothing while waiting for the premiere of New Moon?

Choose wisely.

Photos from and Johns PkI/ and IGNAT/