The hand on the thigh move is a Beckham favourite too.

Amid allegations that he’s been unfaithful, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore turned up in New York today at the press conference to launch the Real Men Campaign to Help End Child Slavery during the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative.

Big bonus points for showing up, fulfilling their obligations, in spite of the scandal that surrounds them. A lot of others would have backed out. But then again, Demi is resolved, she believes him, she needs to convince us of such. And so here they are, admirably advocating on behalf of children around the world forced into slavery while fronting that they are more in love and, um, more tactile than ever.

Lorella (and many of you) went off when Demi was all up on Twitter in her bikini and smack dancing with Snoop a few weeks ago. I didn’t really care so much. But this...

I mean this, this is the Clinton Global Initiative. This is where you’re supposed to be advocating for something bigger than celebrity. And there’s a time and place for everything. Do I need to see his fingers on her legs?

Photos from INF