Ashton Kutcher looks to be back on the program now, non? After several weeks of infidelity reports, and a half-assed threat at a lawsuit that, naturally, never progressed, Demi and Ashton are fronting like it never happened, like it was all bullsh-t, like they were totally, totally not affected by it, like their love and their marriage – because they never, ever fight – have evolved to a point of enlightenment that would never allow for cheating. They are too perfect, too right, too invincible. And when that’s how you present yourself, well then of course you have to spend the rest of your time convincing us of it. Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher in Austra for PlusCity Charity Gala

They’re in Austria today at the PlusCity Charity Gala for a Q&A session showing the world like extra lot how in love they are, how devoted he is to her, how her ridiculously beautiful face, just 2 weeks from 48 years old, continues to be the best example of good genes + great subtle work.

I like best the first photo in the series. As if, Photo Assumption, she’s saying to him – you’ve embarrassed me enough you little prick, so look at me like I’m the only woman that has ever mattered. As you can see, he played along.

Photos from Andreas Rentz/