It appears that the only way Avril Lavigne can make a headline is off the coattails of someone else – what I like to call a Fame Freeloader…and she does it every time. Every time she’s newsworthy it’s only because she’s comparing herself to Britney Spears. And now…and now Avril wants to be Angelina Jolie?

Interviews in Australia, talking sh-t AGAIN about Brit…makes sense of course since Avril herself is charisma personified.

But then again, I suppose deep down she must understand this. Deep down she must know she’s the least interesting punk ass pop princess out there and so when the hype dies down, she brings it back up by piggybacking off of someone more compelling:
“(Britney) has paparazzi at her house every day. Then she does things that are crazy, so everyone talks about it.”

Well now there’s an original and profound observation, non? Nothing she hasn’t already said time and again? Nothing she doesn’t just happen to resurrect whenever she needs the attention?

Famewhoring comes in all shapes and sizes, see?

And evidently, so do delusions.

On her film aspirations, Avril has decided she has no interest in being Mandy Moore, no interest in romantic comedies.Rather, she’d prefer Girl, Interrupted.:

“I can’t do a Mandy Moore kind of movie, a chick flick,” Lavigne said. “I have to do like a ‘Girl Interrupted.’ I have to take my time and make the right choices.”

‘Cause Avril is, like, so hardcore and can emote the angst better than anyone else, right?

This from a girl whose most recent video consisted of making fun of a dorky looking girl and stealing her boyfriend?

Bitch… please!