And I love them all! My Gwyneth, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, an adorably pregnant Naomi Watts, and of course Julianne Moore. Julianne Moore who does NOT have an Oscar and the equine Hilary Swank has two? WTF???

On a tangent for a sec: was having a discussion with a deliciously hunky homo called Nelson a few weeks back and we were lamenting Julianne’s Oscar-free bookcase, both of us agreeing that Charlize Theron’s Monster was nothing next to Julianne’s Far From Heaven because, as Nelson asserted, if you switch the two, if Julianne played Monster, she’d have been just as outstanding…but could Charlize have played a 50s housewife married to a ‘Mo? With such subtlety and precision? Hell. No.

Sorry, I digress.

Last night. NYC. Tom Ford store opening and the A list shows up to honour that sexy beast. Isn’t he a sexy beast?

I know you hate my Gwynnie’s hair. But I love her hair. And I love her privileged spoiled little slouch. Every inch of her body oozes snotty disinterest, non?

As for Kate Hudson…is it just me or does she look weird? Can’t put my finger on it - Too much makeup? Bad lighting? Over-sunned? You tell me.

But enough about the girls…

How about Tom Ford? An entire Tom Ford store? Am swooning.

Already have my eye on some spectacles. Must now find some time for NYC.