Once upon a time, he was on the Freebie Five. I think at one point he climbed as high as #3, then it got too crowded, he receded from the spotlight, and with no new photos to sustain the lust, Clive’s peculiarly sexy brand of Ugly Hot couldn’t stay fresh on my fickle fantasy consciousness. But here he is last night at the premiere of Children of Men co-starring Julianne Moore looking as he always does: charmingly out of place, confident, maybe even a little bored, like he’d rather rock your headboard and dirty talk til morning instead of standing around having people take his picture. Don’t you love it when British boys say bad words? Have you seen Closer? Only Clive can make the word “c*nt” sound civilized. Anyway, am also attaching my all time favourite Clive Owen photo – walking on the beach, fully clothed, shades on…something about his body language, how relaxed he looks, that he doesn’t have to show off some beefcake to get the same results… Total.Loin.Quiveration. Source