Two words: Clive Owen. One question: want him? In my ranking of Ugly Hotties, Clive slips in at #2. Behind Daniel Craig and in front of Gerard Butler though that could change after tonight – am seeing 300 – but I doubt it. Not down with the beard. So unless he loses the 1970s French porn vaginal growth that the costume designers have stuck to his face, Gerard stays off the Freebie Five. But I digress. This is about Clive. Clive in Children of Men which is coming out on DVD on March 27th. I have 3 copies to give away. If you’re interested, please send an email to [email protected] including your name and your location with Children of Men as the title. One condition – super easy: Clive, Daniel, or Gerard? Entry must be received by Wednesday at noon PST. Winners selected randomly and contacted by Thursday. Good luck! Children of Men Official Synopsis No children. No future. No hope. In the year 2027, eighteen years since the last baby was born, disillusioned Theo (Clive Owen) becomes an unlikely champion of the human race when he is asked by his former lover (Julianne Moore) to escort a young pregnant woman out of the country as quickly as possible. In a thrilling race against time, Theo will risk everything to deliver the miracle the whole world has been waiting for. Available on DVD, Tuesday March 27th from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Also available in a HD-DVD & DVD combination format disc.