I can’t.
I can’t even begin to understand why anyone would do this to her face and her body. And it makes me sad. Because deep down there must be a lot of unhappiness. And because once upon a time, Lara Flynn Boyle was so beautiful. Like, SO beautiful. See attached black and white… see how beautiful?

But look at her now. This weekend at a charity event and it’s shocking how she’s aged. The eating problems coupled with whatever it is she’s injecting into her head – I may offend you when I say this but to me she seems about as frail and as weak as those recent photos of Nancy Reagan that have just surfaced…only Mrs Reagan is like 85 and LFB is only 37!!! And trust me gossips, Lara Flynn Boyle is NOT an anomaly. She is NOT an exception.

They all look like this in LA. On the Oscar red carpet, every two bit publicist/assistant/anchorwoman/whatever and every third celebrity had this problem. They’re just not as brilliantly subtle as Demi Moore…