Also at the Hollywood Awards Gala. So he says she dresses him. He says he matches her lead. Really? Because I find it very, very hard to believe that Demi Moore approves of Ashton"s Gary. For those of you new to the site, Gary is a character from a movie called Team America: World Police. America! f-ck Yeah! Gary was assigned to infiltrate the terrorists so he had to undergo a *drastic* facelift, resulting in random clumps of hair placed haphazardly all over his face - see attached. And see Ashton. The similarity is uncanny, non? Uncanny and really, really, really unattractive. When there is an inch between each facial hair follicle, when you can see skin between each little whisker, it"s probably not a good idea to grow facial hair….I"m just sayin". Otherwise? Supersexy. Love the way he lovingly looks at her. Love the way they groove. Love her peacock. Love their love. Love them much more minus Gary. Source