You already know but it’s really worth celebrating some more: Mandy single again, no longer in the arms of the terribly unworthy DJ AM, though the entire thing smelled of PR anyway but still…as politically incorrect and as bitchy as this sounds – though I may offend you the way I offended you when I wrote about it last time, I just don’t see my Mandy with a dude who had his stomach stapled. Sorry. To me, it’s just not sexy. It’s not manly manly. The loins don’t quiver for the DJ with a drastic gastric. Adam and Nicole Richie? Absolutely. But Mandy Moore? Mandy Moore the Goddess? Mandy Moore needs a strapping lad. One who smells of pine trees and hard work in the forest but also of milk and cookies after a shower. Kinda like Aidan “the character” from Sex & the City but NOT John Corbett “the actor” because John Corbett the actor is about as insufferably revolting as it gets. Can you think of anyone? If so, shout.