Didn’t want to do this. Pained to do it but it has to be said: Mandy dropped the ball. Much as I love her, Mandy disappointed. Badly. And you know what Mandy? We get it. You were depressed. You were cheerful and optimistic and you finally met the Darkness. We get it. But please don’t be That Girl. Please don’t be That Girl who meets the Darkness and has to remind us all at every turn how the Darkness changed you. Please don’t be That Girl who uses The Darkness to craft a new image, who channels the Darkness into new “music”. Because That Girl is so overplayed. And there really aren’t enough girls like YOU. Or You before The Darkness. You before you decided to go to the Grammys and be all – I don’t care what I’m wearing, I just want to be comfortable, and fashion is so shallow and the Darkness has made me profound. If that’s the New You, the New You sucks… Just sayin’…. Source