Oh gwumpy wumpy little baby JT. Big superstar doesn"t appreciate being followed by the pappies. Big superstar driving a super expensive BMW hates the attention. Big superstar with several other high end cars and lives in a gazillion dollar mansion supported by millions of fans with an appetite for candid photos gets all poo poo sulky if you don"t let him enjoy his high glam life in private. Don"t you just feel so badly for Justin Timberlake??? The sad part is, he wasn"t always like this. But being an asshole is apparently contagious. And along with a serious case of hermaphrodite fug, it looks like Cam also passed on an allergic reaction to fame. Like.Oh.My.Goddess. A boybander who doesn"t want to be famous. Have you recovered from shock??? Have you ever heard anything more slap ass hilarious in your entire life? Pul-ease, Justin. Spare us. Because I could tolerate the sanctimonious attitude if he had at least adopted it for someone hot - like Ashton Kutcher with Demi Moore. But the fact of the matter is, Little Pipsqueak fell in love with a genetically freakish set of balls, a bad complexion, and the worst body odour in Hollywood. Needless to say, forgiveness is most definitely NOT forthcoming. Photos from JustJared