Ran in to Mandy Moore at the Delta Lodge while waiting for Keri Russell – man does she have great skin, and I mean really, really great skin. Didn’t see DJ AM, thank Goddess, she wearing a cream coat with toggles but aside from the complexion, the most remarkable fact is that Mandy is TALL. And she wasn’t wearing heels. Seemed to be in a hurry to get outta there, quite an entourage actually considering it’s been more normal than usual at Sundance and unfortunately, I didn’t see her smile – not that that has anything to do with the recent reports that she suffered from depression last year and has since taken a more introspective approach, retreating to the woods to focus on “songwriting”. Now is that Rossum or am I just tired? And … um… if all this inner examination and reflection only led her to Nicole Richie’s leftovers, I’m thinkin’ maybe the Lotus Flower on the Buddha Mountain thing really ain’t workin’ out so hot, you know what I mean? Source