Photos of Rumer Willis, oldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, that were taken from her Facebook and now making the rounds across the web. At first glance, totally looks like a normal teenage getting wild. We were all there, we all did it. But there is something about Rumer’s expression, non? Rumer lives in Hollywood. And Rumer wants fame. Rumer wants to be an actor, Rumer wants to be Lindsay. Rumer rolls with Paris and The Crowd – the same crowd with access to coke at 15, who jam themselves into the loo at Winstons/Teddys/Les Deux and hoover it into their noses in place of a proper meal, bored out of their trees with money to burn. It’s an entire universe away from Haley, Idaho, where Demi retreated for several years to raise her girls and chill out from LA. But then Celebrity called, and she answered, and she met Ashton, and they moved, and now rumours are swirling around Rumer: drug use, college drop out, hard living, late nights, and an unquenchable thirst for fame on her own terms. Meanwhile, Demi looks great. She may or may not be pregnant. She invites Lindsay Lohan along for birthday parties and enjoys dressing up with the girls and clubbing with the girls, which sounds curiously a lot like Dina Lohan. But Demi would NEVER be Dina, right? Because she’s a STAR. And stars would never do that to their kids, right? Right. Source