Pre-Lilo, pre-Andy, pre-Zach, pre-blog, Mandy and Wilmer were lowkey sweethearts. Her first love, her not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman relationship, he says he took her flower but that it wasn’t “apple pie”, and she took the high road and refused to engage. Well apparently Wilmer has made it all better. Multiple publications are reporting that they’re back together, canoodling all over Miami, ringing in the New Year together at Mansion this weekend. And while this photo looks more friendly than flirtatious, even People Magazine is hinting at a reconciliation which means that these two have not only been seen groping each other but that they also want you to KNOW that they’ve been seen groping each other. If you ask me, it’s a MAJOR downgrade…for HER, I mean. Mandy Moore is total gorgessity. She’s delicious, she’s adorable, in every respect she is head and shoulders above her degenerate peers and as such, to revisit Wilmer Valderrama, AFTER his tour of duty inside Lindsay Lohan, would be a gross miscalculation and an insult to the good sense and strategy exhibited in her dating choices since their first bloom. Let it be a trip fling, no more. And then let Jake Gyllenhaal become her new beau. Since everyone wants a new Reese and Ryan, Mandy and Jake would more than deliver. Source