How they raise "em in Hollywood.

We can debate til we’re blue in the face about paparazzi intrusion and privacy but trust me when I tell you, the paps don’t get “lucky” every day and show up miraculously to find a celebrity leaving the gym/walking her dog/shopping for groceries/playing with her kids in the park.

Most of the time, they are snapped because they want to be snapped. And most of the time, they give it up for the most flattering angle.

Which is why this incident is so despicable…and intriguing too.

As we all know, Rumer Willis wants desperately to be a star. Already signed on to one feature with Mischa Barton, word is Rumer has actually scored herself a second role opposite Anna Faris and American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee.

As we all know, Rumer achieved her new employment solely by hanging out with Lindsay Lohan and then the Hiltons, and then being photographed at every other Hollywood hotspot – famous for being famous and the daughter of famous parents.

As we all know, Rumer is still underage, and although she has publicly insisted she doesn’t do drugs because she doesn’t want to negatively influence her sisters, I think we can all shout out a collective Bitch… Please at the very suggestion that she lives clean.

And so it was a curious chain of events that unfolded last night outside SkyBar. Rumer was leaving with two friends, several photographers were present – nothing unusual. But for some reason, Rumer’s friends took exception to one pap in particular and attacked him to the point of unconsciousness, pounding his head into the ground until the man started to convulse.

All this to protect Rumer Willis the famewhore? They must have been new. Or she must have been high off her tree and tripping out.

Either way, it’s douchy behaviour. And it’s yet another example of the kind of garbage floating around LA. The kind of garbage Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are allowing into the lives of their children.


see the video here