There"s a movie I love called Married to the Mob - totally lite Sunday afternoon enjoyment but some of the performances are absolute gold. Like Mercedes Ruehl as the pyschotic possessive mafia wife, kills me every time I watch. So anyway, for many reasons, including Dangerous Liaisons and even Dangerous Minds, and for the quiet way she"s lived her life for the last decade, prioritising children over Hollywood, I adore Michelle Pfeiffer. And I also think she"s gorgeous. Some say she looks like a duck. Really? I don"t see duck. I see great bone structure, classic features aging well, and can you believe Claudia Rose is a grown young woman??? Seems like only last year I was looking at photos of her playing with her baby outside of her movie trailer...has it been that long? Sigh. Getting older is clearly the theme of the day. But for Michelle, with assistance or not, getting older definitely doesn"t mean getting worse. On the contrary, getting old is getting better. Check her out - way cooler than Demi Moore, non? Source