At the Bond premiere in London. Michelle Yeoh is 44…Michelle Yeoh – work or not – looks better than Demi Moore, and that’s saying A LOT. It’s the Asian thing you know? Whiteys have the eye colour advantage and the crease above the lid and some height advantages too but we have the “delayed aging” attribute – comes in handy especially in showbiz. Here’s how the gene works: My people don’t age for like 60 or 65 years. Skin is great, wrinkles at a minimum, hair is pretty good too…but what happens to us is that once we cross that 6 decade threshold, it’s 6 decades of aging in, like, the space of a month. OK, maybe not a month, but it’s rapid…and it’s shocking. Happens to all us, will happen to my mother – she’ll be 60 in 2010 and the Chinese Chicken is fighting it every step of the way. Creams, gels, peels, and of course that satellite dish of a visor she wears around her head. You’ve seen them, haven’t you? Go to any Asian strip mall. You’ll notice them sporting these visors, seems innocuous enough, except that the size of the visor is akin to a 50 person serving platter and the best part is that they have the ability to dip down, folding flat against the face for maximum sun blockage. If you’ve ever met an Asian, if you hang around Asians long enough, I’ve no doubt you’ll be treated to this marvellous phenomenon. And while I don’t know if Michelle wears them regularly, I’m willing to bet your boob job she, at the very least, owns one. Satellite visors are like rice for us. Source