Here are Demi, Ashton, and Rumer at the wrap party for That 70s Show the other night. Must compliment Rumer as yet another example of a normal figured girl who can still own the skinny jean. I"m telling you. They are the most comfortable, most flattering pants like ever and believe me, I was skeptical too. But when you put them on, you honestly don"t want to take them off. Promise. But I digress. Anyway, back to the Willis-Moores. Let"s not spend time discussing Ashton"s assy pubey face. We"ve been there, we"ve trashed him, we"ve compared him to Dominic Monaghan(who apparently makes up for his fugliness with a really big willy), so what else is there left to say? I prefer to direct our attention to the girls. Demi Moore - total gorgessity. At any age, let alone above 40. I have to say, however, that I am fascinated by Rumer"s Look of Privilege - that smug half smile, half smirk that I can identify from a mile away. It"s called the Money Grin. The unshakeable confidence that no matter what, you"ll never be poor and you"ll never have to wrap wontons in the back of your parents" Chinese sweet and sour chicken balls restaurant. I know this look. I know it because I grew up staring at a hundred versions of it every day in private school. It is a look that can overcome ugliness, stupidity, and a serious lack of personality. If you need an example, look up Hilton and see what happens. As you can see, Rumer Willis has perfected The Look. But for her sake, let"s hope she"s managed to inherit a little bit of her parents" talent too. Because Hollywood is too crowded by the excesses of filthy rich, indolent offspring with nothing better to do but spawn and drug their way through their own incestuous pool. And we certainly don"t need a Willis among the ranks.