Look – maybe he’s a lovely person. He held it together for Nicole Richie, he had to survive her drama, he was actually alright in that brief scene in Entourage – by the way, Season 3 premieres in Canada on TMN in April… LOVE IT! And Ari’s best line to Dana Gordon: Dana, I’ve never cheated on my wife…since I married her. But if you want, I’ll let you jerk me in my car right now. Hee. Sorry, I digress. About DM AM and Mandy. I’m sure he’s a sweet fellow, I’m sure he understandably thinks he’s hit the jackpot, considering what we all think of Mandy’s gorgessity…but still, I’m a petty superficial bitch, and resumé to resumé, on paper, given the limitless options and the large pool – isn’t this kind of a downgrade??? Isn’t even Wilmer preferable to Nicole’s leftovers? And while we’re at it – warning, I’m about to offend you, I honestly don’t mean to, but here’s the thing: I’m sure I’m not alone when we say we like our men to be manly men. In fact, the inverse is hopefully also true. We’re looking for someone formidable. Confident, motivated, they work hard, they strive hard for what they want, if they’re successful it’s because they’ve earned it…it’s probably the reason why Mountain Dudes are still so appealing. What’s sexier than a guy who can chop all the wood and build his own house? And fight the bears but still milk the cows? It’s this self reliance and efficiency that many of us find attractive, it’s why Three Whiskers can’t move my headboard...because I can’t honestly believe that he’d be able to do anything for himself. But sorry…I digress again. The point is - go-getters are the hotness. Achievement when acquired based on accomplishment is the hotness. And here’s where I might irk you. I apologise in advance. So… DJ AM. Nice, pleasant, I’m sure he’s kind…but…like…didn’t he get his stomach stapled? Chronically overweight, problems since the age of 10, for the record, I completely sympathise, I’m happy he’s alive, I’m happy he’s thriving. But is it sexy? Be honest, I’ll go to hell for saying what you won’t say, but in your heart of hearts…would you deal with a dude who went for surgery to get thin? Or would it be way more appealing to hook up with Jarrod from Subway who got trim with a 6 inch sandwich and the gym every day for months? I’m sorry…maybe I’m just a first class c-bomb. But we all find different attributes attractive. For me, I’d rather a man who busts his ass the old fashioned way to get to where he’s going. For Mandy however, I suppose I admire her ability to see beyond the shallow. And having said all that, I am totally having plastic surgery even BEFORE I start needing it. Source