Longtime readers of this column will know that the 80s were golden for me. I have nothing but fond memories of jelly shoes and big hair, Duran Duran, the Cosby Show, a miniseries called "The V", and of course, the Brat Pack, with Rob Lowe torturing my puberty nights. You already know my feelings on Youngblood, a movie about hot guys and hockey which is pretty much your standard Canadian wet dream. But I don"t think we"ve spent enough time discussing his other cinematic gems, namely an underrated little film called St. Elmo"s Fire, the love theme for which still makes me want to stand on a bridge somewhere and pose. Anyway, there"s this pivotal scene in the movie when Demi Moore"s character is crying out for attention and locks herself in her apartment and all her friends are trying to break in but only Rob gets through and they"re huddling in her obscenely pink room and he"s totally hot and a little dirty and he delivers this speech, this profound yet nonsensical speech, and I remember being 13 and watching this sh*t and thinking to myself - yeah man, that is so deep! And after all these years and after all this supposed maturation, I still think that scene is a classic. But back to Rob. Here he is at Sundance promoting Thank You for Smoking, based on the fabulous and hysterically funny book of the same name. I still can"t believe someone this pretty isn"t gay, and while I will always adore him for all things past and all things Sam Seabourne, I do wish he"d lay off the plastic surgery. It"s subtle and it"s well done…but it"s there, y"all. Can"t you see it???