Demi Moore on the cover of the new V Magazine- three different shots. Look closely at the one of Demi in the bikini…


I see a glimpse of Rumey. Blink fast a few times and it’s there. She’s there. Very subtly, but she’s there. Now it goes without saying that Demi is a beautiful, beautiful woman. So why in the name of sweet Xenu did they giv’er so hard on the retouching?

The always, always brilliant Michael K of put it best today when he wrote: This is not even Photoshop! This is a straight-up watercolor painting.


In the interview, Demi talks about working hard with Bruce and Ashton to create an unconventional family unit. And she also discusses raising 3 daughters in Hollywood, says she’s doing the best she can dealing with “curious teenagers”. She claims she drives them to school. Right.

Demi was in Whistler last weekend with Ashton. By all accounts, they are very, very much in love. Apparently they never let go of each other and beam at each other constantly. Then they spent a few days in Vancouver staying at The Opus - checked out on Wednesday. Word is they loved it up there too.


I totally believe.

Meanwhile, here’s her oldest – my Rumey picking up novelty items yesterday and then having lunch with friends, just days after what was supposed to be her triumphant coming out party at the Globes.

Hopefully another golden opportunity will come soon. Rumey needs a break!

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