Demi Moore is promoting a new movie. The Joneses is about the perfect family selling a dream. Everything can be bought. The film is receiving mixed reviews but not overwhelming hate. The performances have actually been well received. Demi is playing a mom now. The most flawless, gorgeous mom on the block. She’ll play a mom again in her new movie with Miley Cyrus called L.O.L.

Needless to say then, Demi is riding a high of sorts. They’re trying to tell us it’s a reinvention. That she’s evolved into some kind of Everywoman. They’re all Everywoman these days. They’re all reading the same book.

“The thing I am most proud of is the relationship I have with my children, with my husband, with my ex-husband, with his wife, with my friends. And I think within that, with myself, I think I am most proud of my willingness — well, not my willingness, but I think the grace in which I have dealt with and continue to deal with my obstacles and challenges and my continued desire and ability to embrace my failings and to appreciate that which is imperfect.” (From The New York Times)

The article is not a bad read. She claims that she moved back to Hollywood from Idaho “for her children”. And she is also “absolutely” certain that Kutcher will still be her husband when she’s 70.

Here they are last night at the Yankees game. F-ck me she has the best hair. And that face...goddamn that face. Photo Assumption: Ashton sucky baby...why?

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