Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were spotted at a Kabbalah camping retreat this weekend. Click here to see the photos. This, supposedly, is part of the healing process as they try to save their marriage after, as you know, Ashton’s cheating ass was caught all over San Diego on their 6th anniversary weekend, calling into question all the other times he was alleged to have cheated, including last year, and denied it.

That’s what happens, right?

When he gets caught, you end doubting every other time:

Does this mean when you told me you were going to that meeting, you were really getting your cock sucked?

What about that night I called you and you didn’t pick up and you said later on you forgot your phone? How old was she then?

It takes a lot of work to get rid of that kind of poison, especially when you’re already struggling with aging and the age difference.

But they are trying. And part of me admires that they aren’t just walking away from it easy like so many people seem to in Hollywood. The other part however wonders whether or not she’s making the choice to stay because staying is less scary than being alone. “I’d rather live with an asshole than have to live with myself.” Which, I mean, she wouldn’t be the first woman to do so, but it’s kinda antithetical to all the rah rah rah fist-pump power-womaning she engages in on a constant basis, even boastfully, considering how “enlightened” she has professed to be in the past.

It’s been three weeks now. And, as a sign that the two seem to be working their sh-t out, Ashton tweeted @mrskutcher this weekend to wish her well on the premiere of her short film on Lifetime. While Demi has remained silent on Twitter, his decision to publicly acknowledge his wife speaks to his confidence that he still has one.