With the denial?

It’s been at least 48 hours since Star Magazine announced in their latest issue that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have separated because he keeps cheating on her. Also 48 hours since the story broke that Ashton messed around with a girl last Friday, a day before their 6th wedding anniversary, in San Diego instead of spending it with Demi in New York.

Demi’s not the only one who doesn’t want Star Magazine to be right. PEOPLE Magazine and Us Weekly don’t want Star Magazine to be right either. But neither one of those publications has been able to find a source that will help them discredit Star’s report. Rather, both PEOPLE and Us have published split speculation stories of their own here and here. And still their publicists, at this writing, have yet to respond to what must be countless, countless media requests begging for either a confirmation or a dismissal. Ashton’s threat-happy lawyer Marty Singer also hasn’t commented.

And, of course, there’s Twitter. Right. Because that’s where the truth comes out. On Twitter. Where late last night Ashton cryptically tweeted a link to Public Enemy’s Don’t Believe The Hype. Yes, but what part of the hype? The part that says he’s a chronic philanderer or the part about the split, or all of it, or none of it?

Thing is, every time he gets caught, it’s been almost...easy. I don’t feel like he was going to great lengths to hide it, to protect it, to keep it from his wife. Does it seem as though he wants to force her hand? Does it seem like he’s trying to push her to a place where she’d have no choice to leave him? Last year I called it “romantic smugness”, the way they kept insisting they’d arrived at a place of such loving enlightenment, arguments and disagreements were no longer necessary, beneath them, because they will always be in tune, such was/is the sophistication of their relationship. That may be the case when you marry an adult.

But Ashton Kutcher? Is a CHILD.

Anyway, this is the story everyone is watching. Will update as soon as they decide on their move.