Demi and Ashton took brought their youngest with them last night onto the carpet at the Glamour Reel Moments event and Tallulah Belle showed off her Louboutins. TB is 14. Bet your Botox she has more pairs than you do.

Credit to the Willis/Kutchers though, at least Tallulah still looks like a teen. She has that awkward gangly vibe about her and the expression on her face – trying so hard to be older but only succeeding in looking younger – TB’s attempt at “sexy” actually brings out her remaining innocence, unlike that old hag Ali Lohan with “experience” written all over her 35 year old face.

Clearly though, Tallulah’s fame itch is getting itchier. And soon enough, it’ll need to be scratched more often and independently, without mommy around. Between their 3 daughters, Bruce and Demi’s first and third are thirsting for the same. And the middle has so far chosen the life of a civilian.

As for Ashton, rumour has it, since he’s been spending so much time coaching high school football, he’s desperately longing for a son. I kinda dig it that he’s doing the community thing – it’s actually really hot. But the problem with Ashton is that whenever he does something hot, he always backs it up with something douchey. Like launching a teen girl gossip site while at the same time complaining about paparazzi and tabloids.


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