More presenters have been added to the Oscar list for Sunday. Among them Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz. Demi tweeted that she was at rehearsal today. Last night she and Ashton Kutcher hit up the Hollywood Dominos event - a regular for them. As you can see, she's in top form for awards season. Very very fresh. I mean, this is what Madonna's people should be investigating. Demi's face looks good in person and it doesn't photograph freakish. Madge isn't hitting that on both counts. LOVE this colour on her.

As for Cammie...again?

Every f-cking year. And almost every show...

I love the Cam but sometimes it's overkill. Is it like the too many times a bridesmaid thing? That said, it's not like they're asking Jessica Biel. Heh.

File photos attached of Diaz at The 67th annual Golden Globe Awards

Photos from Adriana M. Barraza/