Courteney Cox and Demi Moore posing together at the Glamour Reel Moments event last night. Courteney is 44, Demi is 46, Courteney “claimed” recently she’s only tried Botox once and hated it and Demi…well, Demi is a mystery because the work is just so good and subtle but we all just know, right? We all just know.


Battle of the Faces – who wins?

I say Demi. In the choice between face and body of late, Demi seems to be giving her body a break, letting out a few curves – not a lot, but a couple – and the results are lovely on the face. Less harsh on the cheeks, a softer mouth, very very sexy, non?

Courteney on the other hand… for someone who’s has ONLY TRIED BOTOX ONCE…it’s really becoming a challenge to tell her apart from her wax figure. This of course must be the ultimate goal.

Worthy of note however – both Demi and Courteney are OLDER than Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman. Just saying.

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