Page Six reports that Demi Moore and Vito Schnabel, son of Julian, are dating. Apparently they were rubbing their bodies together on the dance floor in India earlier this month at Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend’s birthday party. Vito is 26 years old. Demi just turned 50. And Page Six’s source calls it “wildly age-inappropriate”, even though the paper, in the next paragraph, makes no age mention in writing of Julian’s new engagement to model May Anderson. He’s 60 and she’s 30. Ahem.

Then again, Demi doesn’t make it easy to defend her, does she?

Maybe she’s just not attracted to men her age. This I understand. I am not attracted to men her age. Sharon Stone doesn’t seem like she’s attracted to men her age either but she doesn’t get sh-t on for it and I wonder if the reason for that is because she doesn’t front like she wants to BE that age. And doesn’t act like she’s trying to prove that she can still be attractive to those who are that age.

But if that’s Demi Moore’s motivation -- fine, great! Tell me! I’m struggling too! Aren’t we all? Aren’t we all trying to embrace “maturity”?

The problem, as I’ve written many times before, is that that’s not the truth that Demi’s constructed. It’s inconsistent with the self-actualisation bullsh-t she’s been selling for years. Demi claimed that she’d figured it out, was comfortable in her own head, and her own body, and had achieved enlightenment. And even when she fell apart, she was still shouting it out there, letting it linger like an echo as she was being dragged away by her insecurities.

Of course it would have sucked to have been betrayed by a younger husband cheating with younger women. Of course it would have shaken her. Of course she’s still vulnerable. As someone who has dedicated herself professionally to telling stories about real women and is producing content helping to empower real women, the fact that she can’t see that THIS story, HER story, the authentic version, is the one that should be told, instead of the "very strong warrior energy" she keeps hiding behind, is what we’re bumping up against.

Also, when I read about her hooking up with this Vito guy, and grinding up to him on the dance floor, this is what I keep picturing: